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Sunday Warm-up: February 9th, 2020


Worship on Sunday morning is one of the most important and consistent ways that we connect with our God and remember our Savior. To make the most of each gathering, we can fill our souls and prepare our hearts to spill over in worship.

The Sunday warm-up is designed to offer resources that match the upcoming service and help the SCBC family to prepare for Sunday worship.


Sunday's Message

There is no reason, in our own actions and strength, to believe that God will welcome us into His kingdom and family. It is simply on the basis of God's own love and promise that we find hope to escape the wickedness of this world and to find joy forevermore.

Sunday's Passage

Sunday's Song: Broken Vessels

by Edwin Othello Excell, Joel Houston, John Newton, John P. Rees, and Jonas Myrin

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