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Be Thankful...He Chose You

Sermon preached by Pastor Steve Houser on November 18th Don't forget to download our FREE Colossians Family Study

Christ's Love for the Family-Less

Orphan Sunday Service (No Audio available) Orphanages were not part of God's designed. God does not want orphans to be orphans. What all children need is the family that God designed them to have. They need the love of a parents that God meant for them to have. It is a tragedy beyond sadness to think that there are children who do not have the care and love that they each so desperately need; someone to help them know how valuable and special they are...and someone help them know the love of Christ. The God of the Bible has displayed a unique love for the vulnerable or the family-less in the world. Luke 7:11-17 Jesus heals a widow's only son Luke 7:36-50 The Sinful Woman who cries at the fee

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