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Candidates for Eldership at SCBC

The Team

Each of our candidates for Eldership has been prayerfully considered, carefully questioned and are willing signees of the SCBC Elder Affirmation of Faith. Below you will find an Elder Candidate introduction and access to their answers to our doctrinal survey.


Jason Lantz

ICS Missionary Teacher

My name is Jason Lantz, and I am a missionary with the Network of International Schools, currently serving at the International Christian School in Pyeongtaek. I grew up in the church and became a follower of Jesus when I was 12 years old. I have been active in participating and serving the Church ever since.


My wife and I have been members of SCBC since 2010. During my time at SCBC, I have served as the worship leader, helped with leading youth group and teaching Sunday school, and have occasionally delivered the weekly sermon. I am excited to be considered for eldership at SCBC because I love this community and I believe God has gifted me with the ability to teach and lead, as well as the heart to serve his people while overseas.


My desire is to see the church grow in their knowledge and understanding of God's love, to serve the community, and to be a light in the darkness for those who are seeking. 


David Frahm

Active Duty Military

My name is David Frahm, and I have been married to Christina Frahm for 17 years. We have three wonderful blessings from the Lord. Lilah (step-daughter), Aubrey, and Lorelei.


My walk with Christ started 34 year ago and began at the age of 7 years old, as I began to realize the weight of my sin and need for a Savior. As I was sitting in the back seat on my parents Toyota Corolla, I attempted to ask God for the forgiveness of my sin. My dad realizing what I was trying to do stepped in and helped lead me in a biblical confession of my sins and faithfully accepting the redeeming grace. and mercy that is found in Jesus alone. I was baptized a few months later, after my parents and local pastor walked me through the understanding of what it meant to be a believer and what my commitment to Christ was. As my baptism was a demonstration and public confirmation of belief and identity in Him.


My desire is to be a servant to the body of Christ by providing support to Pastor Steve, his family, and the congregation. Furthermore, in the context of biblical terminology, elders shepherd, oversee, lead, and care for the local church. Elders also serve and support the pastor and his family with the ministers of the church. Elders are biblically charged to lead the church, teach, and preach the Word, protect the church from false teachers, exhort and admonish the saints in sound doctrine, visit the sick and pray and judge doctrinal issues. These are areas within the church I desire to serve and honor the Lord, Glory to God alone.

Luke Photo.JPG

Luke Roberts

Maryland University

I’ve been attending SCBC since 2017, and I’m so grateful for our church family. I’m employed as a contractor on Camp Humphreys for the University of Maryland Global Campus. I grew up as a pastor’s kid (PK) and gave my life to the Lord at the age of 8 years old. I’ve been attending church consistently throughout my life, but it wasn’t until I went to college that I truly began to grow and develop a deeper relationship with the Lord. When I first came to Korea, I knew I needed to get connected with a local church that would help me grow and stay accountable in my faith, and the Lord knew that SCBC would be just the right church. Now that I’ve been part of this church for many years, I want to continue my service to SCBC by strengthening our church family and encouraging one another to grow in our walk with Christ while we’re overseas – whether that’s for 1 year or 100 years. We must continue to be the salt and light in this community, and we must stand firm in the Biblical principles that unite us as a church body.

Through service to the church last summer while Pastor Houser took a sabbatical, I was able to experience and consider God’s calling for my life. Although I don’t yet know what the future holds for me, I know that God has placed it on my heart to faithfully serve His church. As we begin this new year, I desire to serve and support this church by joining the elder team and supporting the various ministries, visions, discipleship and worship that take place at SCBC. Please pray for Pastor Houser, our church, and all of the elder candidates as we prepare to move forward with a new church leadership team at SCBC.

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