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We know how important it is to reach students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Student Ministry exists to glorify God by helping middle and high school students (grades 6-12) to cherish Christ, connect in Christ, and change for Christ. 


We strive to reach out to students and disciple them by:

1. Assisting parents in any way possible in bringing up their child in the way of the Lord. We firmly believe that parents are primarily responsible for raising their child before God. Yet, it’s not easy! So we want to support them and come along side of them in the name of Christ.

2. Modeling Christ-likeness so they will be drawn to Him and will know how to live for Him. We seek to involve ourselves in the lives of the students with our very own lives. We want to see life on life discipleship happen!

3. Giving constant and intentional opportunities for students to respond to the Gospel.

4. Faithfully teach the Word of God through study, discussion, and example.

5. Offering a safe environment for spiritual growth and fellowship that’s Christ-centered.

6. Helping to build up students to glorify God in this current generation.


SCBC student studies begins September 16 at 9am with a introduction and celebration Sunday. You and your teens, ages 12-18 are invited. 


This fall term the students will study; The Gospel Project for Students: The God Who Speaks - This topical Study is a short-term study that features summaries for each lesson, easy-to-follow talking points for group time, and three topical devotionals to go deeper during the week.


The Gospel Project for Students helps teens develop a bigger perspective of Scripture and how the gospel of Jesus Christ ties it all together. Every week, in every passage, students will encounter the gospel through the in-depth study of biblical theology, missions, and the grand narrative of Scripture.

If you are interested in seeing more please head over to the Lifeway website linked below.


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