SCBC strives to be a praying people because Jesus told us to be a praying people (Mt. 6:5-15). At its heart, prayer is communicating with God with an attitude of faith, humble dependency, and affection. Prayer is a spiritual discipline. It has been likened to the gymnasium of the soul. Prayer is an intensely personal time between a believer and God that needs to occur regularly.

Not only are times of private prayer necessary and expected by the Lord, but times of corporate prayer are as well (2 Chr. 7:14; Acts 1:14, 2:42). These are times of worship. Corporate prayer promotes the unity of the church. It stirs up love, good works, and mutual ministry. Corporate prayer fosters an environment for forgiveness and humility. The early church knew this all too well!

We invite you to join us for times of corporate prayer:

Men’s Prayer Breakfast:   2nd Saturday of each month

Concert of Prayer:        Quarterly church gathering for prayer

If you would like for the church to join you in prayer about a personal matter, please click here. We have a prayer team in the church committed to praying for the needs of others.


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