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Sunday Warm-up: March 1st, 2020


Worship on Sunday morning is one of the most important and consistent ways that we connect with our God and remember our Savior. To make the most of each gathering, we can fill our souls and prepare our hearts to spill over in worship.

The Sunday warm-up is designed to offer resources that match the upcoming service and help the SCBC family to prepare for Sunday worship.


Sunday's Message: Asking Questions of God

The life leaves us with many questions. Is it right for us to ask God to answer them? How should we approach Him and should we expect an answer? As the broken world drifts further and further from what it should be, believers can have hope that God not only has answered many of our questions in His word, but that he is also restoring all that is broken.

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Sunday's Passage

Sundays Song: Before the Throne of God Above

by Shane & Shane (Jason Waller)

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