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Sunday Warm-up: August 18, 2019


Worship on Sunday morning is one of the most important and consistent ways that we connect with our God and remember our Savior. To make the most of each gathering, we can fill our souls and prepare our hearts to spill over in worship.

The Sunday warm-up is designed to offer resources that match the upcoming service and help the SCBC family to prepare for Sunday worship.


Sunday's Message

False teachers abound in the church. They come from all types of teaching and offering new and fresh possibilities; but not truthful ones. The truth is each of these false teachers have abandoned the true Gospel and have believed and taught a lie.

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Additional Reading

Apostasy Among Young Christians Leaders - George Brahm (Quoting Skillet's lead singer John Cooper)

Sunday's Passage

Sunday's Song: It is Well

by Horatio Gates Spafford

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