English Pastor/Co-Elder 

Job Description:

The English Ministry of Songtan Central Baptist Church is seeking a full time English Pastor / Co-Pastor to join our counsel of elders in leading a multigenerational and multicultural church in Songtan South Korea.

Denomination: Southern Baptist

Job type: Full- time

Level of Education desired: Master’s Degree from Baptist Seminary or
equivalent experience..(Four or more years serving Full-Time on a Church Staff)

The English Ministry of Songtan Central Baptist Church (송탄중앙침례교회) (Pyeongtaek, South Korea) is seeking a full-time co-pastor to join our council of elders and help lead this congregation through worship, teaching, pastoral care, preaching, and administration. Candidate should be a leader and willing ministry partner; with a high view of scripture, strong pastoral skills, experienced in leading traditional and contemporary worship services, an effective organizer and administrator of church programs, and able to work with both men and women in leadership. Must be able to work closely with Korean staff in the church. SCBC will adhere to the Biblical qualifications as set forth in Scripture (including 1-2 Timothy, Luke 4:16-21, 1 Peter 5: 1-4, and Titus 1)

Desired Qualifications:
● Ordained by an ecclesiastical body that is theologically consistent with the Southern Baptist Convention’s confession of faith as outlined in the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message
● Masters degree from Baptist Seminary
● 4+ years of ministry experience
● Ability to work as part of a team
● Highly Desired:
               - International experience & multicultural experience
               - Excitement to partner in ministry with other Elders and our                                            leadership team.
               - Military background/retiree
               - Counseling experience
               - Administrative skills

Primary Responsibilities of the English Pastor / Co-Elder:

● Partner with our current English pastor to oversee all the English
ministries of the church as part of our Council of Elders. The Council of
Elders is composed of our lead Korean pastor, and our current English
Pastor. Future lay elders to be identified and called.
● Work with English Ministry Elders and Leadership Team for all decisions concerning the English Ministry of Songtan Central Baptist Church
● Equip, educate, and edify the church by praying for and protecting the spiritual integrity of the church and the teaching ministry.
● Partner with Elder Council in the teaching/vision ministry for the English congregation.
● Engaging in pastoral care ministries
● Engaging in counseling ministries
● Help identify spiritual needs of our English congregation
● Be instrumental in developing programs to meet our church needs.
● Be personally accountable to the Lord, fellow Elders and the
● Participate in the broader community life of SCBC
● Greet and follow up with visitors of the church
● Other duties as assigned/delegated by the Elder council or leadership team.

Compensation Package:
Annual salary and benefits package based on qualifications and experience.

How to Apply:

Submit the following information by email to SCBC.Search4Pastor@gmail.com:

- Cover letter- introducing yourself (& family) as well as your interest in this position

- Resume- Your ministry experience, educational background and at least 3 references

- Link to the website of the most recent church at which you’ve served

- Link to sermon samples

Suggested additional supporting documents:

• Narrative of your salvation testimony

• Doctrinal statement – detailed summary

regarding your theological views on core


• Brief philosophy of pastoral ministry (1-3 pages

Where the Church is:


368 Tanhyun Ro, 25 Beongil
Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do
S. Korea 17755





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