The Good News of Jesus Christ

The Bible teaches that God has created all human beings to love and glorify Him (Mk. 12:30; Col. 1:16). All of humanity is to cherish God above all. The Good News of Jesus Christ is essential in making this happen. The people of God are able to love Him because He first loved them by sending Christ.

Good News reveals that there is bad news as well: the whole human race has rebelled and sinned against the holy Creator’s authority and ways. Because of this, all people are under God’s wrath and judgment. That is truly bad news. Yet, because of His great grace and love, the offended God has provided salvation and atonement through the person and work of Jesus Christ. When someone repents of sin and trusts Jesus as Lord and Savior, there is forgiveness of sin and eternal fellowship with God. This is Good News indeed! You can then truly begin to glorify God in all things and to take pleasure in Him, which is the ultimate purpose of every human being. This is the heart of the Christian message.

How have you responded to the Good News of Jesus? Have you placed your faith in Him? Have you considered His claims and His work? Have you considered your spiritual position before God thoughtfully and honestly?

Jesus did not leave us the option of remaining neutral to His claim of being God. We either receive this as true or reject it. Your response to Him has bearing on your eternal destiny. 

To help you understand the Good News of Jesus Christ more fully, we are providing two resources down below that are excellent in their presentation of the Gospel and also help answer questions that you may have. The first is a multimedia slide presentation by Matthias Media and the other is a pamphlet that Dr. Phil Newton has written called “The Way of Faith.” All you need to do is click on the link for each one down below. It is our prayer that these two resources are able to answer your questions about God and guide you to knowing Him.

1. Matthias Media’s “Two Ways to Live”

2. Dr. Phil Newton’s “The Way of Faith”


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