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Jan. 4 Ps. 90:12-14 A Prayer At The Beginning Of A New Year Rev. Nelson Chapman
Jan. 11 2 Pt. 1:1-21 Reminder From A Witness Rev. Steve Houser
Jan. 18 2 Pt. 2:1-3:13 Truth Among Lies Rev. Steve Houser
Jan. 25 Acts 3:12-26 A Miracle Gives Way To A Sermon Rev. Nelson Chapman
Feb. 1 Acts 4:13-22 Obeying God Rather Than Men Rev. Nelson Chapman
Feb. 8 Col. 1:3-14 Life Controlling Issues Dr. Brad Quackenbush
Feb. 15 1 Pt. 2:9-10 Reaching All People Groups East Asian Missionary
Feb. 22 Acts 5:1-11 When A Married Couple Lied Rev. Nelson Chapman
Mar. 1 Acts 6:1-7 Diakoneo In The Church Rev. Nelson Chapman
Mar. 8 Acts 7:54-60 “He Fell Asleep” Rev. Nelson Chapman
Mar. 15 Phil. 1:21-30 The Inside-Out Life Of A Christian Rev. Steve Houser
Mar. 22 Acts 8:14-24 Simon The Sorcerer Rev. Nelson Chapman
Mar. 29 Acts 9:1-20 The Conversion Of Saul Of Tarsus Rev. Nelson Chapman
Apr. 5 Jn. 11:25-26 I AM The Resurrection And The Life Rev. Nelson Chapman
Apr. 12 Acts 10:34-35 The God Who Shows No Partiality Rev. Nelson Chapman
Apr. 19 Acts 12:1-19 When A Prayer Meeting Was Interrupted Rev. Nelson Chapman
Apr. 26 Jn. 6:60-69 Successful Failure Dr. Dan Armistead
May 3 Acts 12:20-24 Eaten By Worms Rev. Nelson Chapman
May 10 1 Sam. 1:1-28 An Example Of A Godly Mother Rev. Nelson Chapman
May 17 Acts 13:1-3 Before The Missionary Adventure Starts Rev. Nelson Chapman
May 24 Phil. 4:8-9 That Which Is Worthy Rev. Steve Houser
May 31 Acts 14:8-20 Engaging Our World: Lessons From Lystra Rev. Nelson Chapman
June 14 Mk. 8:34-38 Who To Follow Rev. Steve Houser
June 21 Ex. 20:12 Honoring Your Father & Mother Rev. Nelson Chapman
June 28 Gen. 19:1-13 Unnatural Desire & Responding To A New Legal Reality Rev. Nelson Chapman
July 5 Acts 15:1-21 The Issue At The Jerusalem Council: Grace Alone Rev. Nelson Chapman
July 12 Mt. 12:33-37 For The Joy Rev. Steve Houser
July 19 Acts 15:36-41 When Christians Don’t See Eye To Eye Rev. Nelson Chapman
July 26 Acts 16:25-34 The Foundations Of The Prison Were Shaken Rev. Nelson Chapman
Aug. 2 Acts 17:16-31 Proclaiming The Unknown God Rev. Nelson Chapman
Aug. 9 Acts 18:1-11 Receiving Encouragement From God Rev. Nelson Chapman
Aug.16 Is. 57:15 Brokenness=Hope Mr. Joe Kim
Aug.23 Acts 19:8-20 God’s Word Dispelling Darkness Rev. Nelson Chapman
Aug.30 Acts 20:7-12 Lessons Learned From Eutychus Rev. Nelson Chapman
Sep. 6 Dan. 1:8 Make Up Your Mind Rev. Clyde Kakiuchi
Sep. 13 1 Cor. 15:1-28 Implications of the Truth Rev. Steve Houser
Sep. 20 Acts 20:24 What Really Matters Rev. Nelson Chapman
Sep. 27 Acts 26:24-32 True & Rational Words Rev. Nelson Chapman
Oct. 4 Jn. 6:51-59 Jesus Satisfies Your Hunger & Thirst Rev. Nelson Chapman
Oct. 11 Acts 27:21-44 The Storm At Sea Rev. Nelson Chapman
Oct. 18 Ps. 78:1-4 Remembering & Sharing the Works of God Rev. Steve Houser
Oct. 25 Eph. 1:3-14 Blessings of the Cross Rev. Steve Houser
Oct. 25 2 Pt. 1:3-11 What Am I Missing? Dr. Brad Quackenbush
Nov. 1 Ti 3:4-8 Hope in God & Act in Faith Rev. Steve Houser
Nov. 8 1 Cor. 15:9-11 “But By the Grace of God…” Rev. Lee Jong-rak
Nov. 15 Mk. 1:14-15 The Kingdom Of God Is Near Rev. Nelson Chapman
Nov. 15 Acts 1:8 Seven Smooth Stones From Acts Dr. Jeff Billingsley
Nov. 22 1 Thess. 5:18 Giving Thanks In All Circumstances Rev. Nelson Chapman
Nov. 29 Acts 28:17-31 Living In The Days Of Acts 29 Rev. Nelson Chapman
Dec. 6 Mt. 3:1-12 The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness Rev. Nelson Chapman
Dec. 13 Jn. 12:13-19 Savior King Rev. Steve Houser
Dec. 20 1 Jn. 1:1-4 That Which The Manifestation Of Christ Brings Rev. Nelson Chapman
Dec. 27 1 Jn. 1:5-10 God is Light Rev. Nelson Chapman

As always, you are cordially invited to join the SCBC family in worship every Sunday morning. Our next corporate worship service will be on January 3, 2016. The 1st service begins at 8 am and the 2nd service begins at 10 am. See you at one of the services!