Congregational Leadership

Songtan Central Baptist Church is an autonomous, congregational church. The congregation of SCBC has the ultimate responsibility, under Christ’s headship, for managing the life of the church. No one person, pastor, or board of deacons or elders rules the church. Further, no denominational board or far away Bishop handles the ultimate decision-making that takes place at SCBC.

Scripture prescribes two officers in the church: the elder (pastor) and deacon. The elders provide God-ordained spiritual and administrative oversight to the congregation. The deacons provide God ordained assistance to the elders in overseeing the various needs of the church, which helps to promote the unity and ministry of the church. People called by God to be either an elder or a deacon have a special role and duty within the life of the congregation. That role is governed by and limited to what Scripture teaches.

Yet, those officers do not negate or circumvent the duty of all members of the congregation to have responsibility for what takes place in the church God has placed them. Scriptural references like Matt 18:17 and I Cor. 5:1-5 are examples of where the congregational body is given responsibility for making sensitive decisions, not just one man or a board of men. At SCBC, we have periodic congregational meetings and make important decisions as a church family.


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