Community Discipleship

Christians are adopted into the family of God. Belonging to this family, we are intimately connected to one another as we are united under the headship of Christ. Living out our faith in Christ may be personal but it is never private. Christianity is being in community with other believers in a local sense as well as in a universal sense. We take this Scriptural teaching of being a family in Christ seriously at SCBC. We strive to provide an environment that creates opportunities to interact with other believers and also to join together under the teaching of God’s Word.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer got it right when he wrote, “Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.” Throughout the Bible, we see believers are taught not to be alone in their discipleship, but to “one another” in Christ. At SCBC, corporate discipleship is understood as walking together in life as we walk with Christ. So discipleship involves activities and meeting together, but also partnering to distance ourselves from sin. It is consistently pointing each other to the Word of God that transforms our lives into ones that please God and impacts our surroundings. Discipleship is not something to be programmatically driven, but lived out before God.

Community Life Groups (CLGs) at SCBC exist to help people be more Christ-like by being connected to Christ and to the community of believers in small groups. These groups strive to incorporate the fullest sense of what it means to be in discipleship with one another. In these groups, we pray, study Scripture, serve, and fellowship together. Our desire is to journey in life together as believers. There are various CLGs throughout the week meeting in homes or at the church. If you would like to be in a CLG, please send us an e-mail and let us know what days will work for you and what type of group you are seeking (men’s, women’s, couples, etc.).


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